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Every year, sends out its team of experts to scour through the best items for our back to school package deal. This package deal ensures business owners can quickly get all they need to bump up sales in time for the beginning of the school year. Available in this package deal are items such as erasers, scotch tapes in a display box, crayons, and other essential back to school products. Make learning fun for your customers' children with licensed character binders, paint, and study kits!

Other essential items included are calculators, college ruled paper, pens, and assorted notebooks! Don't miss out on once a year, back to school profits! Hurry and add these items to your cart to save time and money!

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$0.95 /each
Out of Stock
Item#: 14410
Origin: CHN

Disney Pixar Cars Sandwich Box - 6.6""

CP: 48
$4.75 /each
Out of Stock
Item#: 22956
Origin: CHN

Disney Pixar Cars Backpack - 15.5""H

CP: 12
$1.09 /each
Out of Stock
Item#: 68819
Origin: CHN

Crayola Crayon 24ct

CP: 48
$0.67 /each
QOH: In Stock
Item#: 75173
Origin: CHN

Imperial Blendable Color Pencil 12-piece Set

CP: 48

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