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Packed full of popular licensed kids' items such as Sanrio's Hello Kitty, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Disney Pixar's Cars jigsaw puzzles with 100 or 24 pieces, kids will have loads of fun with the lenticular box designs, and especially designed pieces that lock in perfectly. For those that are a little older, there are coloring books and activity books featuring the classic puzzle game Angry Birds for those that are tech-savvy. Also available are Disney word puzzles and word searches featuring Cars' characters such as Lightning McQueen, Disney Princesses and Disney Fairies, Mickey Mouse, and more!

Popular and wholesale art supplies to start a scrapbook section in your gift shop, crafts store, or dollar store and watch your sales grow! Use the Assorted Teacher's Supply Display to do fantastic arts and crafts with kids; included are stickers and ABC stationery.

This great selection of crayons, stickers, markers, watercolors and more, has been compiled by our industry experts to save you time and ensure your dollar store, convenience store, or discount store thrives with increased profits!

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$4.25 /each
Out of Stock
Item#: 19909
Origin: CHN

Play and Learn Fun Gears 12-piece Play Set - 12m+

CP: 12
$5.30 /each
QOH: In Stock
Item#: 25404
Origin: CHN

Hatchimals 46-piece Egg Puzzle - Asst

CP: 4
$0.63 /each
Out of Stock
Item#: 50419
Origin: CHN

Fairies Coloring Book - Asst, 96pp

CP: 48
$6.85 /each
Temporarily Unavailable
Item#: 99788
Origin: CHN

Discovery Kids Paint Your Own Wooden Tractor Set

CP: 6

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