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Give your customers everything they need to get rid of unwanted visitors such bugs and vermin.  These products are sure destroy those pesky rodents and insects that invade their home, business and even your personal space.  We have a wide range of pest-destroying products from bug spray to mouse traps.  Roaches and rats are not only annoying but also can potentially carry diseases, so help your customers keep their area clean and pest-free.  Many of these are a definite must-have for dollar and discount stores.

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$1.00 /each
QOH: In Stock
Item#: 33690
Origin: CHN

4 Pack Ant Killer Bait

CP: 24
$4.10 /each
QOH: In Stock
Item#: 64706
Origin: CHN

6pc Combat Max Ant Killer Bait

CP: 12

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