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32 Pins Square Plastic Clothes Hanger- 3 Assorted

$4.35 /each
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Square plastic clothes hanger has 32 pins for hanging shirts, socks, sweaters, pants and other pieces of clothing. It has 360 degree rotation hook head. It's an easy way to hang more clothes without taking up too much space. It comes in three colors.
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink

Advice for Merchants
Attention Retail Store Owners, Managers, and Product Buyers! Upgrade your store's hanger game with our 32 Pins Square Plastic Clothes Hanger- 3 Assorted. These hangers are durable, versatile, and come in three different colors to match any store's aesthetic. Plus, the 32 pins allow for multiple items to be hung on one hanger, maximizing space and organization. Don't settle for flimsy hangers that break easily. Invest in quality hangers that will last and enhance your store's presentation.
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