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3 Pack Barbie Toothbrushes

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3 pack Barbie toothbrushes are great for girls to keep their teeth clean and bright. It has soft rounded bristles. that protects delicate gums. It comes in three assortments each featuring a different Barbie character. It's ideal for dollar stores, pharmacies, dental offices and many other businesses that sale dental care items.

Advice for Merchants
As a retail store owner, store manager or product buyer, you want to offer your customers the best products at affordable prices. The 3 Pack Barbie Toothbrushes are a great addition to your store's inventory. Not only are they fun and colorful, but they also promote good oral hygiene for children. Parents will appreciate the value of a 3 pack and the convenience of having extra toothbrushes on hand. Stock up on these popular toothbrushes and watch them fly off the shelves!
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