Open a Store with Floor Displays

Displays are great ways to showcase assorted products and create themed items of products throughout the store without interrupting the flow of what is already on the shelf. Move them around and place them easily in key spots where customers frequent the most to place items to up-sell or as simple impulse purchases along the checkout line.

Some of the products available here are assorted licensed items such as Disney Fairies tin money banks, Hello Kitty money banks, and Disney Pixar Cars money banks. Also available are Candle-Lite candles in assorted scents in a large decorative artsy floor display that add a bit of character and variety to your store's design. Increase visibility by including cardboard displays with unique designs to make your products stand out. For example, the Cooking Basics floor display included here features beautiful pictures of the slick black nonstick bake ware and three levels with a total of 6 slots to place a variety of ovenware.

Whether you're looking for dolls, athlete's support bands or ceramic garden pots, this package deal has been compiled to add popular key products to your store that improve your sales and store's appearance by adding attention-grabbing floor displays.
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