Wholesale Licensed Merchnadise

TWe carry licensed merchandise from famous brands and characters.

People who shop regularly at discount and dollar stores understand that in exchange for their savings they often have to forfeit purchasing recognizable brands. Imagine the increase of sales that would occur if such stores also stocked a number of officially licensed products and name brands. Thanks to Four Seasons General Merchandise, such a situation is no longer limited to the realm of imagination.

Over our 20 years of experience in the wholesale industry, we have seen the effectiveness of stocking officially licensed products. This is especially true of children's items. What child can resist a backpack emblazoned with their favorite superhero or a notebook showcasing a cartoon character? When sold at low prices, what parent can resist the urge of purchasing such a gift for their child? To that end, www.4sgm.com is chock full of wholesale licensed merchandise.

What kind of recognizable names do we carry? Batman, Superman, Spider-man, Strawberry Shortcake, Hello Kitty, Looney Toons and Disney characters are just a handful of our most popular children's characters. Our inventory includes everything from apparel to stationary, toys and baby items. Priced competitively, even stocking just a handful of these items can make an impact on any dollar or discount store's bottom line.

Located inside a sprawling 600,000 square-foot warehouse, Four Seasons General Merchandise has followed customer trends closely for the last 20 years. The result: our impressive inventory of 10,000 products, each hand-selected for their customer popularity, quality and cost-effectiveness. Contact us today at (877) 446-4sgm for more information about our ordering process or simply visit our website www.4sgm.com.