Wholesale Candle Supplies

Stock up on best best candle supplies.

Candles are always a welcome gift. Their fragrant aroma and vibrant colors make them the perfect addition to any room. Unfortunately, as simple a gift as they may be, if bought from certain stores they can also be quite expensive. To that end, we at Four Seasons General Merchandise have included a variety of quality wholesale candle supplies that are sure to attract repeat business.

Of course, when people are looking for a good deal, a low price is usually the primary concern. Nevertheless, this is only part of the equation. If the product is of lesser quality, chances are that the customer will never buy it again. At Four Seasons General Merchandise, our 20 years of experience in the industry has taught us that striking the right balance between cost and quality is the best way to succeed.

Our extensive line of wholesale candle supplies includes everything from basic pillar candles, to scented votives, gel candles and even incense sticks. We also carry specialized candles, including ones that are shaped like birthday cakes or housed within a jar. Literally priced at pennies, selling quality candles no longer has to be limited to expensive mall stores. Why not expand your dollar or discount store's selection with our wholesale candle supplies?

Ordering any of our products is fast, easy and secure. Done directly via our website, www.4sgm.com, we only require a US $250 minimum purchase and shipping is completed within three business days of processing the order. We take great pride in offering superior customer service and can answer any question or concern directly, via our toll-free phone number (877) 446-4sgm.