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If you are undecided as to whether or not you should purchase now or in the future, then add it to your Wishlist!

  1. Adding a Single Wishlist Item to Your Current Order
    Simply click on the button next to any item you wish to add to your order. You will be able to add the item to your order when a pop-up window is displayed.
  2. Adding Multiple Wishlist Items to Your Current Order
    If you wish to add multiple items to your order at one given time, select the checkboxes besides those products, and then click on . ONE minimum item pack will be added to your order automatically. If you wish to change the quantity to more than one, you must make any changes on the "Your Order" page.
  3. Invite Your Friends to Shop From Your Wishlist
    If you wish to invite your friends to shop from your wishlist, then enter your friends' e-mail addresses (separate them by a semi-colon (;)) and then click on the button .

REMINDER! Adding an Item to Your Wishlist
You may only add to your Wishlist when you are browsing an item and have viewed its details.