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This page displays the information you have saved on our system. All customized information you provide will remain within the company and will not be shared with anyone. The information you provide will help us tailor and personalize to you!

  1. Billing Information
    For security reasons, does not allow customers to make address changes online. You will only be permitted to make changes after you finish this registration form and send a request to change your billing address.

    Shipping Information
    For flexible delivery and business management, customers may store as many shipping addresses as they want but must select only one shipping address as their default.

    If you wish to request a change in your billing address or you want to edit your shipping address, please click on the Request for changing your billing address and editing your shipping address and shipping method link.

    Change Password
    If you wish to change your password, please click on change your password.

  2. wants to share with you exclusive news and promos! When you fill out this optional area, you also help us understand what your needs are too. All information collected will remain within the company and enable us to customize to you!

  3. For more than two decades, Four Seasons General Merchandise has been committed to bringing you the best possible price-points on quality licensed items, and both brand and non-brand merchandise with flexible shipping - worldwide!

    That is why we strive to customize to your needs. In fact, we want you to consider your 4sgm account and its wonderful extra features as an efficient way to manage your business! We want to send the right information to the right group of people.

    Please note: Maintaining your privacy is of utmost importance to us, all information you provide will remain within the company and is solely used in determining how to customize exclusive news and promo offers to you. Completing the entire registration form grants you eligibility. If you do not complete this information, you will not receive any extra e-mails from us.