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We highly recommend you use a credit card to pay if you wish to process your order as quickly as possible!

  1. Create New Credit Card
    To create a new credit card (if your bank card has a VISA or Mastercard logo on it you may use it as a credit card), select a credit card, fill in the text fields then click .
  2. Select an Existing Credit Card for Payment
    If you wish to pay with an existing credit card, please select its corresponding radio button on the left-side of the card, and then click . Existing credit card entries cannot be updated; a new credit card entry must be created instead.
  3. If Using Other Payment Methods supports other payment types such as Electronic Checks, Money Orders, Wire Transfers, Purchase Orders, and Credit Lines. Please click OTHER PAYMENT OPTIONS to view these options.

    Please note: customers who pay using Electronic Checks, Money Orders, and Wire Transfers should expect processing delays of approximately 2-3 business days.

  4. Reset
    Click to discard any changes.
  5. Cancel
    Click if you have no changes and wish to go back to "Your Order List ".
  6. Credit Card Security Code