Help Content's Shipping Policy

4sgm is committed to always providing high quality service. This is why we offer and honor remarkable flexibility with our shipping options and methods. For more information please contact your salesperson or review our Shipping Policy.

  1. Shipping Method
    Carefully review and select your shipping method from the drop down menu.
  2. Check Billing Address
    Please check that your billing address is correct, if necessary request to modify it by clicking on change billing address.
  3. Select Shipping Address
    Choose a shipping address (not applicable to customers who arrange for a pickup) by clicking on the appropriate radio button. Or you can click and add a for this order. You may also modify an existing shipping address by clicking on the address name (i.e.: store1).
  4. Select Payment Method
    Click to choose a payment method for this order.
  5. Go To Next Step
    When you finish completing everything, click to proceed with the "Checkout" process. Please note: in the next step you will be able to review you order summary.