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Our category map is the fastest way to locate a category!

  1. Introduction to Understanding Categories currently carries the following 16 Department Categories: Apparel, Baby Items, Bags, Bath, Domestics, Electronics, Footware, Gift/Novelty, Hardware, Health & Beauty, Housewares, Licensed Items, Frames, Seasonal, Stationery, and Toys.

    Each Department Category has its own Section Categories that easily breaks down our merchandise line. In some cases further classification is needed for very broad Section Categories, so we've created Subcategories to narrow down what we carry.

  2. Browsing Section Category Pages
    To make each customer's shopping experience easy and convenient we showcase "Hot Items," "New Arrivals," "Featured Items" and "Selected Items" visibly in all Department Category and Section Category Pages.

    You can click on "View All" at the top-left corner if you wish to see our entire list of Section Category items. You may then sort to view them by item number, item name, price and brand.
  3. View Category
    You will be directed to a Section Category if you click on any link in this Department Category map.
  4. Expand All
    You can easily view our entire Department Category structure (including Section Categories and Subcategories) by clicking on "Expand All".
  5. Collapse All
    Only Department Categories will be displayed when you click on "Collapse All".
  6. (+)
    If you click on the plus sign (+) next to a Department Category you'll expand all of its Section Categories. In some cases you'll be able to expand further to see their respective Subcategories.
  7. (-)
    If you click on the minus sign (-) next to a Department Category only those will be visible (not Section Categories or Subcategories).