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  1. Billing Address

    For security reasons, does not allow you to make any address changes online. You will only be permitted to make changes after you finish this registration form and send a request to change your billing address.

    If you wish to request changing your billing address, please click on change address, and a staff member will contact you shortly to verify the change.

  2. Shipping Address

    For flexible delivery and easier business management, offers customers the option to store as many shipping addresses as they wish. Please note: only one shipping address must be selected as their default.

    You can modify, create or delete any shipping address found in this section.

    To modify a shipping address, select the shipping address you want to modify from the drop down list, make necessary changes, and then click on .

    To delete a shipping address, select the shipping address you wish to delete from the drop down list, and then click on .

    To create a new shipping address click on , then fill out the new address form and click on .

    Please select the checkbox if you would like to use this as your defalt shipping address. Only one default shipping address will be allowed.

  3. Default Shipping Method will show your order's freight estimate when you add items to your order, and if you choose "LTL" as your default shipping method.

    Please note: If you select a shipping method other than "LTL" as your default shipping method, no freight estimate will be shown when you shop online.