The latest in Wholesale Fashion Accessories

Four Seasons has a fine collection of fashion accessories in bulk, from the best brands featuring your favorite characters

Sometimes your favorite outfits just don’t make the cut. You need something extra, something that will add that zing to your outfit. Here, at Four Seasons General Merchandise, our wholesale catalogue consists of the latest in fashion accessories that your clients are sure to love. 

We stock themed coin purses to coordinate with outfits, colorful slap bracelets to handout to guests, sunglasses to look and stay cool and bandanas for a stylish look. Not just that, our inventory also includes caps, umbrellas, awesome keychains, beanies and lots more! The famous characters featured in some of our products are great for themed parties. The vivid colors, attractive patterns, and exciting graphics are sure to rake in massive profits from your customer base.

We have a wide selection of famous brands and everybody’s favorite characters, like

  • Barbie
  • Disney
  • Elmo
  • Hello Kitty
  • Frozen
  • Ninja Turtles
  • Marvel
  • Nickelodeon

Our range of fashion accessories has something for each of your customers. From themed gloves and hat sets to keychains featuring famous characters to cool essentials like sunglasses and umbrellas, we have all the essentials to increases your sales and profit margins.

Be sure to visit for all your fashion accessory needs. All the top brands in one place with affordable prices. With a massive inventory with ample variety, you are sure to get what your client base asks for at Four Seasons General.

Started in 1984, Four Seasons General Merchandise has become a leader when it comes to wholesale merchandise. We work from a 600,000 square-foot warehouse that houses over 10,000 products. Our products are affordable and of high-quality. We take special care to keep up with the current trends, so we can serve our customers better. Visit to browse our inventory or call (323) 826-1199 for more information.