Pet Care

Apart from pet care information, ensure your customers’ have adequate pet supply for dogs so they can avoid the veterinarian! regularly stocks assorted pet mats, pillows, assorted colored fleece donut beds, pet dishes in an array of colors and styles, pet shampoo, and much more. Also included are items such as pet odor and urine remover for carpets, upholstery and any washable area, such as sofas, beds, and more. For kennels, stock up on these items that can be used to up-sell and complement a purchase of a family’s favorite pooch or pup!

Whether you are a discount store, pet store, or even dollar store, get everything from disposable latex gloves to gift wrap and pet mats at unbeatable wholesale prices that help you save time and money! These deals have been compiled by our experts, but you may customize package deals to suit your specific needs!
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