Wholesale Best Sellling Bath Items at Four Seasons General Merchandise

Four Seasons General Merchandise offers an extensive collection of high-quality bath items. Our best-selling products include luxurious bubble baths and shower gels, spa-grade body washes, exfoliating scrubs, moisturizing soaps, fragrant shampoos and conditioners, soothing essential oils and balms, nourishing hand and foot creams, and natural pumice stones. We also stock a wide range of bath accessories such as colorful loofahs, soft towels, cozy robes and slippers. They boast rich aromas that leave your body feeling refreshed and invigorated after every use. Whether you’re looking for an everyday luxury or a special treat for yourself or loved ones, our range of bath products offers something for everyone.


$0.79 /each 7% OFF
CP: 72
Item#: 41011
In Stock

Exfoliating Stretch Cloth- 3 Assortments

$3.50 /each 15% OFF
CP: 12
Item#: 55978
In Stock

Bath Mat- 17"X36"- Assorted

From $0.49 /each
IP / CP: 24/120
Item#: 17962
In Stock

2 Tone Bath Sponges

From $3.25 /each
CP: 24
Item#: 51735
In Stock

Shower Curtain W/ Hooks- 71"X71"- 4 Assortments

From $0.69 /each
IP / CP: 24/120
Item#: 17958
In Stock

2 Layer Bath Sponge

$3.25 /each 16% OFF
CP: 24
Item#: 49141
In Stock

Glitter PEVA Shower Curtain W/ Hooks- 70"x72"

From $2.50 /each
CP: 24
Item#: 49120
In Stock

PEVA Shower Curtain Liner- 70"x72"- 3 Assortments

$1.10 /each 15% OFF
CP: 24
Item#: 55977
In Stock

Anti-Slip Mat- 11.8"X59"- 3 Assortments

From $2.50 /each
CP: 24
Item#: 50786
In Stock

13 Piece Shower Curtain Set- 71"- 4 Assortments

From $1.10 /each
CP: 48
Item#: 23995
Low Inventory

Plastic Toilet Brush With Holder

From $7.00 /each
CP: 16
Item#: 44303
Low Inventory

16 Piece PEVA Bathroom Set- Raspberry

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