Get ready to dive into a pool of savings as soon as summer rolls in! Flashy, bright colors will find their way on everyone's patio or deck, and has just the right items, such as assorted tumblers and cups in a variety of shapes and sizes, sandals, licensed character flip flops, kitchenware and much more! There are even toys that boys can use to cool off during those heat waves, like brightly colored plastic water guns. For girls, there are cute, cotton rag dolls and licensed character jigsaw puzzles! It wouldn't be summer without citrus and fresh nature-like body scents and wayfarer sunglasses. Also available are popular designer perfumes and colognes for both male and female. And parents with summer babies celebrating their birthdays need not worry, colorful balloon sets and party favorites on display are just what a dollar store, discount store and party supply store need to get the attention of passersby!
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