Wholesale decorations, baskets, costumes, candles, bells, flowers, lights, cards, gifts, and other paper products for major shopping holidays and special occasions. Help your customers celebrate Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Mother’s Day, and of course Valentine’s Day with a seasonal selection of wholesale products from Four Seasons General Merchandise. They’ll appreciate it!


 Christmas is Coming and you know what that means- HUGE HOLIDAY PROFITS!   What better way to celebrate the happiest time of year than with our Christmas Wholesale Super Pack Deal!  Our highly experienced sales experts have carefully selected these moneymaking hot sellers that are sure to sell out quick in your store.  These Mexico Exportable Christmas wholesale items include holiday gifts, decor, ornaments, feeding accessories, novelties and so much more!  With over 150 products, this bulk package set can fill up the Christmas section of your dollar store, gift shop, retail or e-commerce store.  Don't waste time, act now, Christmas is only a few months away!  In an instant click, you can have our top selling seasonal items. These are great buy products for many businesses.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Santa's Shopping At Our Online Store:

  1. Easy shopping with gigantic profits
  2. Wide variety of seasonal wholesale items at cheap prices
  3. We carry the newest and most popular holiday items
  4. Making money is just one click away
  5. We are commited to providing our customers with excellent customer service.

We Wish You a Merry Successful Christmas, on Behalf of the Four Seasons Staff!

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Easter is right around the corner and 4sgm.com has crafted together the biggest selection of Easter baskets! Looking for pink, green, yellow, and purple baskets? Big or small? We have the perfect accessories so you can make the most beautiful Easter basket ever! Need ruffles? We’ve got them in various colors! What about Easter baskets in different materials? Certainly! Felt and bamboo! And also included are plastic Easter buckets with metal handles in blue and pink! You can also get a pack of 8 assorted plastic Easter eggs in green, yellow, pink, blue, and purple to decorate your Easter basket to your heart’s content! Place goodies inside of them and finish it off with home-made cookies with the help of assorted Easter cookie cutters that come in egg, bunny, and dove shapes! Get creative and add more variety by putting an adorable teddy bear with bunny ears inside!

This package deal has just about everything you need to have an Easter get-together. Place the wooden Easter plaque and banner out by the entrance, in a room, or out back for the egg hunt! Wooden Glittered Egg Stakes with the word “Welcome” in pink, blue, green, and yellow that can be placed in your garden and at the start of the egg hunt! Add more character to your egg hunt with glittery Easter Rabbit & Egg Picks in teal, pink, white, and yellow! Create a centerpiece for the guests’ tables out on the patio or even place in bushes in the maze! Any of these items work great to create that Easter feel and ambience! And if you don’t have a garden, the assorted pastel artificial grass will better suit your needs! Choose from pink, purple, green, and yellow, and set up an egg hunt anywhere, be it at home, school, or even out at a park! Get all your friends and family together, make a maze for the kids, and give out prizes!

Whether in need of a foam Easter stick to place in baskets or a 3-piece Easter Egg with a flower and butterfly design, this package deal has been put together by our team of specialists to help you save time and increase profits!

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Fourth of July is a day when every BBQ grill is cooking up something tasty and backyard tables are overflowing with paper plates, napkins, and disposable cups. We've got everything but the burgers. This package deal includes Fourth of July essentials such as grilling utensils and other items that are in especially high in demand on this day. We have also included some summer items that will definitely be enjoyable for friends and family for parties, such as water ballons, pitchers, and coolers. Be sure to take advantage of great deals on disposable cutlery, serving trays, aluminum foil, and paper towel and much more.

Boost your sales and keep your customers happy all through the rest of the summer BBQ season with this Fourth of July package deal!
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Fast Selling Halloween Special Pack

No tricks, just treats! Want to Save, Time and Money this Halloween? We've created a Time-Saving Buying Solution that fits your busy schedule! Our experienced sales team have come together to brew this exclusive Halloween Make-A-Bundle Value Pack for you, filled with our Spookiest Best-Selling items. With prices so low, they're sure to send a chill down your spine!

From costumes to traditional decorations, this perfect package has it all! You can easily sort through our selection to find all the products you need while adding the quantity you want. Take a quick peep - you’ll find value deals so great, you’ll be glad you took the time!

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Father's Day Items

Whether you're looking for socks, repair tool sets, grooming items, hair gel and a men's cologne set, this package deal has been put together by our industry experts, so you can save time and be sure these are the hottest Father's Day gifts that will help you rake in profits.

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Hot Selling Toys

Looking for baby toys at wholesale prices? Get beach toys, toy kitchen set, and more in assorted colors and designs!

Get sports toys for all ages, such as boogie boards, skateboards, soft footballs, and racquets for your kids’ sports section! With summer just around the corner, ensure you are stocked up on water guns, splash slip ‘n’ slides, and more, including some serious gamer material, such as a glass chess set!

These generic toys make great quick picks and gifts that ensure you can keep your profits coming while providing simple yet great solutions that sell like hot cakes for the bargain shopper!
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Mother's Day Gifts

4sgm.com has Mother’s Day gifts in categories ranging from health and beauty, domestics to housewares for discount stores, gift shops, and online retailers.

Mother’s Day spending keeps increasing and the trend is stronger than ever this year, with over 50% of consumers planning to get gifts for mom.

So whether you’re looking for Mother’s Day jewelry, makeup, soft blankets, or scented candles, this package deal saves you time by showcasing the best-selling products so you can get back to managing your store and focus on sales.

To remove any wholesale gifts below, simply type “0” in the product quantity box. Otherwise, click on “Add All Selected to Order” to add all items to your shopping cart.
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These outdoor items work perfectly for the summer. With the scorching heat, everyone will be out in the pool and that means swimming toys included in this package deal such as Aqua Bones Floater and inflatable mats will be popular. Create a garden, pull up a chair in the patio and enjoy a bowl of fruits. It also has numerous cookware items perfect for outdoor barbeques. This list includes all these items – chairs, sunscreen, flowerpots, plus a few extras, like summer umbrellas, grills, tongs, and water bottles to keep cool.
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Thanksgiving Best Sellers!

Stock your shelves with everything your customers need for an unforgettable Thanksgiving feast. This package deal includes everything required to create a special holiday meal for a family of four or a party of four hundred. Get great deals on beer and wine glasses, foil roasting trays, disposable cups and utensils, paper towels, and much more. Turkey not included!

When ordering, simply change the quantity of any unwanted items to "0" and continue shopping.

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Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest gift-giving holidays of the year. Stock your discount store’s entire Valentine’s section with just a few clicks with this great package deal! Help your customers celebrate the loveliest day of the year with our selection of best-selling Valentine’s plush toys, artificial flowers, and Valentine's Day cards . These cute and inexpensive items are perfect for discount stores, gift shops, and grocery stores.

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