Looking to restock on towels, inexpensive hardware items, household chemicals, and car care items? 4sgm.com has compiled package deals suited for small convenience stores in or outside of gas stations! If you are one of few convenience stores located in a gas station, ensure customers passing by on a long stretch of road get all their bath essentials by stocking up on razor blades, disposable razors, bandages, batteries, cold medicine, and much more! Get everything from shaving creams to cough medicine and children's small toys! Customers are always in need of a one-stop shop, especially when out on the road, and require everyday goods. Whether you are starting up a small business or restock, these customizable package deals can quickly and effortlessly remind you of everything you need, so you can save time and money!
$131.76 /each
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Item#: VPK1256-M

Cell Phone Accessories

$220.56 /each
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Item#: VPK1254-M

Great Items for Displaying on Your Counters

$353.64 /each
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Item#: VPK1213-R


$392.94 /each
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Item#: VPK1037

Specials for Convenience Stores

$432.60 /each
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Item#: VPK1011

Top Selling Household Tools

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