Looking to restock on towels, inexpensive hardware items, household chemicals, and car care items? 4sgm.com has compiled package deals suited for small convenience stores in or outside of gas stations! If you are one of few convenience stores located in a gas station, ensure customers passing by on a long stretch of road get all their bath essentials by stocking up on razor blades, disposable razors, bandages, batteries, cold medicine, and much more! Get everything from shaving creams to cough medicine and children's small toys! Customers are always in need of a one-stop shop, especially when out on the road, and require everyday goods. Whether you are starting up a small business or restock, these customizable package deals can quickly and effortlessly remind you of everything you need, so you can save time and money!

Best Selling Pest Control Items for Retail Stores

Give your customers everything they need to get rid of unwanted visitors such bugs and vermin.  These products are sure destroy those pesky rodents and insects that invade their home, business and even your personal space.  We have a wide range of pest-destroying products from bug spray to mouse traps.  Roaches and rats are not only annoying but also can potentially carry diseases, so help your customers keep their area clean and pest-free.  Many of these are a definite must-have for dollar and discount stores.

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Item#: VPK1045
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Great Items for Displaying on Your Counters

Before your customer completes their purchase and walks out of your business make sure to have amazing products displayed on your counter to get them to buy a little more. You can get these items all in this package deal. We have lip balms, small flashlights, compact mirrors, bandages and more. They are low price everyday items that display well on counters. These items are great for dollar stores, gas stations, convenience stores and much more.
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Item#: VPK1254-M
Buy 1+ Packs: $594.14
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Looking for our best prices? Search no more! Allow your store to thrive, increase profits, and save valuable time with this pre-selected package deal! The Closeout and Reduced Package Deal has been hand-selected by our experts to provide you with the best items at a low cost! Whether you’re looking for everyday items to set up shop or need to fill up on a particular popular item at your store, this package deal contains a huge variety of products! Get the best product assortment that caters to a wide range of people with different tastes; from popular name brands to simple yet effective designed items to products in high demand!

Some items included in this package deal are pink baby picture frames, jigsaw puzzles with country and coast scenes, licensed items, such as Disney Fairies, Disney Pixar’s Toy Story, Care Bears baby bottles, ladies’ socks in assorted colors, razor blade refills, and more!

Whether in need of a spa-like treatment with Lander Essentials’ shower gel or rushing in to get birthday paper photo frames from Disney’s Winnie the Pooh for the little one’s party, we’ve got you covered!

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Item#: VPK1213-R
Buy 1+ Packs: $670.44
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Specials for Convenience Stores

Convenience stores can enhance their inventory and grow their business with this specials for convenience stores package deals. It has products across the many categories allowing your business to be able to provide variety to your customers. You sales and profits will skyrocket with the items in this special package deal!
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Item#: VPK1037
Buy 1+ Packs: $656.48
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Top Selling Household Tools

With the Right Cleaning Tools, any room will be in spick and span shape! There's no spots or blemishes with this incredible Cleaning Set Pack. Customers are sure to have a fresh outlook when they use these amazing Quick-Selling Products. This profitable value deal was not randomly selected, instead our highly qualified sales team carefully compiled these specific domestic items that have been bestsellers in our showroom. All the products are Under $1.00 Dollar and are necessary for Household Cleaning and Home Improvement. From household chemicals, to laundry accessories, and cleaning supplies - this is a package set you don't want to pass up on! You have the option of chosing the items you want in the added quantities you desire. These are great buy products, so stock up on your domestics sections and aisles with these Must-Have Top Sellers!

Why Chose This Spectacular Value Deal?

  • Under $1.00
  • Save you time and money
  • Homes and businesses are sure to have a clean breath of fresh air with these domestic essentials!
  • Brand names: Downy, Suavitel, Wizard, Plus Soft, Clensol, and Awesome
  • Ingredients include air freshners, dishwashing liquids, soaps, clothes pegs and pins, hangers, cleaners, fabric softners, laundry stain removers, and detergents.
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Item#: VPK1011
Buy 1+ Packs: $445.32
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