In over two decades, we've helped and seen first-time business owners and small business owners set up shop and thrive. A store opening is one of the critical moments in a business's life span. Let help you get the most out of this milestone by setting you up with every single profitable and popular product handpicked by our team of experts. Get everything from housewares to kitchenware to household chemicals at wholesale prices for every season!

Dollar Store Grand Opening Items

We've created a Saving Solution that fits your busy schedule! From the basic "must haves" to new finds, that are sure to sell out. You can easily sort through our selection to find the products you need while adding the quantity the best fits your dollar store , dollar section, family dollar, 99 cent store or discount store. Take a glance inside, you’ll find a promotion package so great, you’ll be glad you took the time! Retailer, profit more now!

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Exclusive Deals Flyer

Looking for new Exclusive Deals? Merchandise of paramount quality that you can obtain at a bargain price? Then this promotional package is the perfect match for your business! Our exceptionally experienced sales staff exclusively created a value pack filled with our best-selling products. As our loyal customer we want to help your business thrive, with your promotional code you can now have our top-sellers at an even better price! Our package helps you save both time and money. Remember that time is a crucial factor for any business. Why not make the most of it with this quick pick? You can easily choose from our sorted selection, while modifying the quantities that best suit your business. Quantities are limited, so take advantage of this Exclusive Deal today!

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Open a Store with Floor Displays

Displays are great ways to showcase assorted products and create themed items of products throughout the store without interrupting the flow of what is already on the shelf. Move them around and place them easily in key spots where customers frequent the most to place items to up-sell or as simple impulse purchases along the checkout line.

Some of the products available here are assorted licensed items such as Disney Fairies tin money banks, Hello Kitty money banks, and Disney Pixar Cars money banks. Also available are Candle-Lite candles in assorted scents in a large decorative artsy floor display that add a bit of character and variety to your store's design. Increase visibility by including cardboard displays with unique designs to make your products stand out. For example, the Cooking Basics floor display included here features beautiful pictures of the slick black nonstick bake ware and three levels with a total of 6 slots to place a variety of ovenware.

Whether you're looking for dolls, athlete's support bands or ceramic garden pots, this package deal has been compiled to add popular key products to your store that improve your sales and store's appearance by adding attention-grabbing floor displays.
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Be that one-stop shop that provides everything from everyday items to gifts for all occasions! Stock gift items for those in a rush, whether looking for plush Valentine’s bears to give to significant others, or a father getting a special Cinderella night light for his daughter! Pack up the little one’s lunch in a Marvel Spider-Man lunchbox so he can show off to all his friends at school. Stock up on other licensed items in high demand all year-round, such as Hello Kitty backpacks and Shortcake lunchboxes for the little princess in the family or Hot Wheels backpacks and Pixar Cars pencil cases for the boy! Reinforce your child’s math skills or prepare her or him for school with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division Fisher-Price math flash cards! Just ensure mom takes a multipurpose Disney Mickey Mouse non-woven bag with her when out shopping with the kids!

Don’t miss out on essential everyday items for women, such as pink Schick razors to ensure her skin remains smooth, eyelash curlers to pretty herself up for the day, glittery nail files to always have perfectly groomed hands and look good while filing away, and Aqua Net hairspray to get that beautiful stylish hairdo! And remember a lady can never go anywhere without a handbag—available in green, orange, brown, or orange—or a gorgeous blue, red, or green over-the-shoulder bag with floral designs perfect for spring time!

Home cleaning basics everyone always needs are also great for every season! Whether needing to give that kitchen a good wipe down or clean with original Shammy cleaning clothes, Spic and Span brushes, washing clothes with LA’s Totally Awesome Liquid Laundry Detergent, then throwing some Downy liquid fabric softener in the mix for static-free, soft-feeling clothes! Also, take advantage of other drug store classics, such as Pantene hair products, Galaxy Care cosmetic pads, Kotex panty liners, Binaca toothbrushes, and Vick’s VapoRub!

Whether in need of Gibson ceramic dinnerware, Air Wick air fresheners to pregnancy tests, photo frames or clocks, this package deal has everything you can possibly think of to get you through your day in one piece!

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