Four Seasons General Merchandise’s Stationery category includes pens, pencils, markers, greeting cards, wedding invitations, coloring books, business stationery, and Christmas cards and other holiday cards. Choose from our diverse selection of school supplies, office supplies, and back to school items. Gift wrap and other party supplies are in this category too! Licensed stationery is one of our most active categories, with top-selling items featuring Disney Princesses, Cars, Tinkerbell, Speed Racer, Spiderman, Looney Tunes, Bratz, Winnie the Pooh, and many more at low wholesale prices.


After the massive success of Avengers Endgame, make sure you add Avengers related items to your business and watch your sales go up. Keep children entertained and test their skills with assorted Avengers Jigsaw Puzzles that feature various scenes from the Avengers film. Then let them relax at night with assorted Marvel Heroes Coloring Books and Activity Books that features mazes, large illustrations, fill-in-the-blank, finish-the-drawing, and many more activities! We have different Avengers backpacks at a reduced price, so take advantage of this Avengers-themed package deal that can boost up your sales while the movie is still in everyone's mind!

This package deal was put together by our team of experts specifically for discount stores and party stores looking for an all-in-one Avengers-themed deal! This pack includes everything you'll need for your Avengers loving customers.

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Back to School Items

Every year, sends out its team of experts to scour through the best items for our back to school package deal. This package deal ensures business owners can quickly get all they need to bump up sales in time for the beginning of the school year. Available in this package deal are items such as erasers, staples, glue sticks, crayons, and other essential back to school products. Make learning fun for your customers' children with licensed character binders, paint, and study kits!

Get great buy products like these for your business.

Other essential items included are calculators, college ruled paper, pens, and assorted notebooks! Don't miss out on once a year, back to school profits! Hurry and add these items to your cart to save time and money!
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Back to School Supplies

Why pay more for school necessities at a big box office supply store? Four Seasons General Merchandise's wholesale prices are perfect for educators on a tight budget.

For your kids, the school year has just ended. In the grown-up world, back-to-school season is just around the corner. Make sure your school is prepared for September's mad dash for organizers, pens, glue sticks, scissors, and other daily classroom necessities.

Package deals are huge time savers. We've already done all the shopping for you! This special back-to-school package deal also includes practical classroom items such as rubber bands, wastebaskets, extension cords, safety glasses, chairs, tables, and batteries.

When ordering, simply change the quantity of any unwanted items to "0" and continue shopping.

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Disney Licensed Books

This package deal includes best-selling coloring books, story books, and activity books that feature popular Disney characters in Spanish and English. Licensed Disney merchandise is a perennial top-seller in discount and dollar stores over the world. This package includes fun books featuring 101 Dalmatians, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princesses, Disney Amigos Animales ( Spanish ), Bambi, Snow White, Toy Story, Ratatouille, Beauty and the Beast, and many more beloved characters.

To remove an undesired item, simply change the quantity to 0 (zero) and click "Add all selected to Order".

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Fast Selling Party Supplies

From our shelves to yours, these party suppy items are SELLING QUICK! Catering to your business need to SAVE TIME and MONEY, our highly qualified sales staff have created a beneficial value pack that combines our NEWEST and BEST SELLING PARTY SUPPLIES. What makes this package deal amazing is the fact that all our carefully selected items are- LESS THAN A DOLLAR!  Even more incredible is the BIG VARIETY this profitable set provides- from household products such as disposable cups and plates that customers can use for birthdays or each day, to PARTY PLANNING ESSENTIALS like party goods and favors that are sure to liven-up the mood!  The diverse selection features fun party designs that kids love.  An extra bonus is that you can choose the items that are right for you and increase the amount.  So, celebrate the PROFITS you'll gain from our spectacular value deal!

  • Top of the line party supplies that are perfect for your store.

  • Selection contains party plates, disposable cups and plates, a metallic pinata, plastic forks and spoons, gift bags, tissue wrap, bows and party favors.

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Item#: VPK1006
Buy 1+ Packs: $790.86
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This collection of Disney’s Frozen items features Anna and Elsa in a variety of categories, such as stationery, toys, games, lights, apparel, and more. 
Whether you are looking for large jigsaw puzzle pallets or puzzles in countertop displays, this package deal has been expertly put together to keep you up-to-date on all your Frozen needs. Other items included are Frozen backpacks, notebooks, and plush items.
Don’t need some items? Simply type “0” on the quantity box, all of which have a “1” currently, to remove that item from your basket.
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Kid's Fun Items!

Packed full of popular licensed kids' items such as Sanrio's Hello Kitty, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Disney Pixar's Cars jigsaw puzzles with 100 or 24 pieces, kids will have loads of fun with the lenticular box designs, and especially designed pieces that lock in perfectly. For those that are a little older, there are coloring books and activity books featuring the classic puzzle game Angry Birds for those that are tech-savvy. Also available are Disney word puzzles and word searches featuring Cars' characters such as Lightning McQueen, Disney Princesses and Disney Fairies, Mickey Mouse, and more!

Popular and wholesale art supplies to start a scrapbook section in your gift shop, crafts store, or dollar store and watch your sales grow! Use the Assorted Teacher's Supply Display to do fantastic arts and crafts with kids; included are stickers and ABC stationery.

This great selection of crayons, stickers, markers, watercolors and more, has been compiled by our industry experts to save you time and ensure your dollar store, convenience store, or discount store thrives with increased profits!

Change the quantity of unwanted items to "0" and continue shopping!
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Item#: VPK1089
Buy 1+ Packs: $717.32
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These licensed party supplies are highly in demand. This will cater to all your customers who are themed-parties fanatics especially for their kids! Our highly trained sales people carefully picked these items ranging from Winnie the Pooh, Batman, Ironman, Spiderman, Sesame Street, Blue’s Clues and many more! This package deal contains plates, cups, decorations, table covers, party favors and invitations! All the items you need to make your customers party supply shopping experience fun and hassle-free! Take advantage of the PROFITS you will have on this incredible package deal!
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Item#: VPK1205-R
Buy 1+ Packs: $215.52
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Low Priced Licensed Stationery Items

Want to Save Time and Money? Then this is the right package set for you! Because we know how much you value your precious time, we've taken the time to create a Time Saving Solution that fits your busy schedule. Our highly experienced sales staff have specifically made a Licensed Value Pack filled with our Bestselling Stationery Products. From characters Spongebob and Dora, to timeless Disney classics- this fast pack has it all! (Character pens and pencils that kids will love taking to school, as well as crayons and notebooks they can have at home.)  This handy set ensures that Customers' Favorite Characters are always in stock. You can easily sort through our selection to find the products you need while adding the quantity you want -so take advantage of a value deal so great, you don't want to miss!

 Benefits of This Value Pack

  • All items are under a $1.00.

  • 4sgm bestsellers

  • The perfect way to start-up or stock up on your Back to School aisles.

  • Favorite characters that both kids and adults love.

  • Offers customers variety, quality, and affordable pricing.

  • Features Disney Princess, Pooh, Strawberry Shortcake, Lion King, The Incredibles, Dora, Frozen, The Avengers, Tinkerbell, Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, Spongebob, Mickey, and more.

  • Majority of the items include counter displays.
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Item#: VPK1004
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Be that one-stop shop that provides everything from everyday items to gifts for all occasions! Stock gift items for those in a rush, whether looking for plush Valentine’s bears to give to significant others, or a father getting a special Cinderella night light for his daughter! Pack up the little one’s lunch in a Marvel Spider-Man lunchbox so he can show off to all his friends at school. Stock up on other licensed items in high demand all year-round, such as Hello Kitty backpacks and Shortcake lunchboxes for the little princess in the family or Hot Wheels backpacks and Pixar Cars pencil cases for the boy! Reinforce your child’s math skills or prepare her or him for school with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division Fisher-Price math flash cards! Just ensure mom takes a multipurpose Disney Mickey Mouse non-woven bag with her when out shopping with the kids!

Don’t miss out on essential everyday items for women, such as pink Schick razors to ensure her skin remains smooth, eyelash curlers to pretty herself up for the day, glittery nail files to always have perfectly groomed hands and look good while filing away, and Aqua Net hairspray to get that beautiful stylish hairdo! And remember a lady can never go anywhere without a handbag—available in green, orange, brown, or orange—or a gorgeous blue, red, or green over-the-shoulder bag with floral designs perfect for spring time!

Home cleaning basics everyone always needs are also great for every season! Whether needing to give that kitchen a good wipe down or clean with original Shammy cleaning clothes, Spic and Span brushes, washing clothes with LA’s Totally Awesome Liquid Laundry Detergent, then throwing some Downy liquid fabric softener in the mix for static-free, soft-feeling clothes! Also, take advantage of other drug store classics, such as Pantene hair products, Galaxy Care cosmetic pads, Kotex panty liners, Binaca toothbrushes, and Vick’s VapoRub!

Whether in need of Gibson ceramic dinnerware, Air Wick air fresheners to pregnancy tests, photo frames or clocks, this package deal has everything you can possibly think of to get you through your day in one piece!

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Buy 1+ Packs: $47.52
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This package deal is especially for retailers and resellers in Spanish-speaking areas. Take a look at a selection of some of our best-selling Spanish language products including Dora the Explorer backpacks and lunch boxes, Spanish prayer candles, Hadas and Diego coloring books, a Mexican coin bank tin, and more. These products are top-sellers in many Spanish-speaking areas and are great products for any dollar store, discount store, beauty supply store, or gift shop.

As with all of’s Package Deals, you are free to pick and choose the items you want.

To remove an unwanted item, simply enter “0” [zero] in the quantity field and continue shopping. When you are finished entering your desired quantities of each item, simply click “Add to Cart”.

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School and Office Essential

Let Inspire You!  Get a head start on your office and school supplies with this spectacular value pack!

Whether you're looking for back to School Items, Office Essentials, or Professional Quality Pens, this offer has it all! What's even more amazing is that our qualified sales team have specifically chosen these products because of their Sellable Qualities. They're not only selling quick, but necessary for your store. So get get your store organized with this handy value pack that will Save You Time and Money. Our School Supplies package deal is for the go-getter business entrepreneur who wants the Bestselling Items in One Convenient Location!

The variety of stationery we have is ideal for desk tops, home use, backpacks, arts & crafts, and traveling.  Don't let your customers miss out on a perfect opportunity because they didn't have a pen handy - provide them with the basic essentials they need!

Why This 4sgm Value Pack is Essential For Your Store?
  • It's quick, easy, and saves you time.
  • For every season - we have the savings you're looking for!
  • Perfect for customers of all ages.
  • Diverse supplies include markers, erasers, pens, highlighters, marker pens, glue, envelopes, rulers, calculators, tape, and pencil sharpeners.
  • A speedy way to get the school and office supplies your customers need.
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Item#: VPK1010
Buy 1+ Packs: $440.76
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