Top Selling Nursery, Preschool, & Kindergarten

Looking for licensed items for your kindergarteners and preschoolers at wholesale prices? Ideal for office and school supply stores, dollar stores, discount stores, convenience stores, and arts and crafts stores, get educational workbooks on a floor display that sharpen kids' thinking, counting, and reading skills! These items are ideal for children ages 3 to 5, and can be used in conjunction with assorted licensed coloring books from popular cartoons, such as Sesame Street! Keep their enthusiasm going by creating kids games using licensed Dora the Explorer jumbo crayons! Create fun learning activities with assorted construction paper on a floor display that come with yellow, blue, white, orange, red, and green paper! Finally, after a full productive day, let them enjoy putting together licensed 24-piece assorted Angry Birds puzzles.

Whether you are looking for Grafix arts and crafts supplies on a floor display, 8-pack mini plastic containers, paper plates or Spic and Span wipes, this package deal has been expertly compiled by our team of business-savvy specialists to help you save time and money and help increase your profits.

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$756.32 /pack


After the massive success of Avengers Endgame, make sure you add Avengers related items to your business and watch your sales go up. Keep children entertained and test their skills with assorted Avengers Jigsaw Puzzles that feature various scenes from the Avengers film. Then let them relax at night with assorted Marvel Heroes Coloring Books and Activity Books that features mazes, large illustrations, fill-in-the-blank, finish-the-drawing, and many more activities! We have different Avengers backpacks at a reduced price, so take advantage of this Avengers-themed package deal that can boost up your sales while the movie is still in everyone's mind!

This package deal was put together by our team of experts specifically for discount stores and party stores looking for an all-in-one Avengers-themed deal! This pack includes everything you'll need for your Avengers loving customers.

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Item#: VPK1219-R
$518.16 /pack

Baby Accessories

Stock your entire baby section with just one click! This package includes everything moms and babies need for a happy and healthy infancy. Fleeces, blankets, and towels keep babies warm while baby bathtubs and toilet seats help moms do their hard work. Also includes a great selection of small baby accessories such as teethers, Jungle Pals brushes and combs, and child safety latches and corner cushions.

Get great buy products like these for your baby stores

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Item#: VPK1060
$983.86 /pack

Baby Clothing

The best value on a diverse assortment of baby clothes! Growing babies always need new clothes. Be a one-stop baby shopping destination for your customers year-round with this great package deal that includes T-shirt/shorts sets, body suits, infant polo shirts, fleece vests, cotton shirts, and sweaters for the little ones.

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Item#: VPK1063
$3,219.60 /pack

Baby Feeding Items & Accessories

The Best Baby Feeding Supplies are here - from bowls to high quality baby bottles - we have it all at the best prices!

This deal includes baby bottles, sports bottles, sipper cups, bottle brushes, baby bowls, cutlery, snack cups, feeding sets and brands as Novi and Jungle Pals at amazingly low wholesale prices.

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$841.44 /pack

Back to School Items

Every year, 4sgm.com sends out its team of experts to scour through the best items for our back to school package deal. This package deal ensures business owners can quickly get all they need to bump up sales in time for the beginning of the school year. Available in this package deal are items such as erasers, staples, glue sticks, crayons, and other essential back to school products. Make learning fun for your customers' children with licensed character binders, paint, and study kits!

Get great buy products like these for your business.

Other essential items included are calculators, college ruled paper, pens, and assorted notebooks! Don't miss out on once a year, back to school profits! Hurry and add these items to your cart to save time and money!
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Item#: VPK1223-R
$214.80 /pack

Back to School Supplies

Why pay more for school necessities at a big box office supply store? Four Seasons General Merchandise's wholesale prices are perfect for educators on a tight budget.

For your kids, the school year has just ended. In the grown-up world, back-to-school season is just around the corner. Make sure your school is prepared for September's mad dash for organizers, pens, glue sticks, scissors, and other daily classroom necessities.

Package deals are huge time savers. We've already done all the shopping for you! This special back-to-school package deal also includes practical classroom items such as rubber bands, wastebaskets, extension cords, safety glasses, chairs, tables, and batteries.

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Item#: VPK1079
$582.84 /pack

Bath, Hand & Kitchen Towels

An attractive variety of bath towels, beach towels, wash cloths and hand towels in practical designs that appeal to all ages and tastes. Towels to dry dishes and hang in the kitchen or to clean up a messy counter. These handy and beautifully textured towels will undoubtedly be put to use everyday. Towel sets feature unique designs including flowers, fruits, macrame, polka dots, and beach designs. Also included are children's bath towels in pastel colors such as green, blue, pink, yellow, with cute animal embroidery. Use a Polo hooded-towel in white with colored borders in blue, light blue, pink and red for baby during the cold months to keep her or him warm.

Whether you're looking for solid colors, stripes, 100% cotton, soft or a tougher scraping material, this package deal has been compiled by our team of experts to ensure these items are not only in high demand, but are also the most complete and best we have to offer so you can save time and won't forget towel essentials.

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Item#: VPK1069
$1,630.70 /pack

Bathroom Accessories

Low prices on bath and bathroom accessories. Stylish shower heads, bath sets, toilet paper holders, toilet seats, and shower rod at the best wholesale prices! Get them while they last!

Items starting at an amazing $0.89! Find everything your customers need to redecorate their bathroom and keep them coming back for more! Variety and great low prices are the secrets of a good business. Impress your customers with these high quality bathroom hardware and accessories.

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Item#: VPK1057
$807.65 /pack

Bathroom Essentials

Your savings start the moment you click on our Bathroom Essentials hot value pack! This package deal features our best bath improving tools at affordable prices your customers will go nuts for. These bath accessories and tools are ideal for homeowners and contractors as they offer a variety of industrial and household solutions.

This package deal is specifically catered for your convenience. Change the quantities to 0 (zero) for undesired items and hit "Add to Cart", or go directly to the item page clicking on the item's description.
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Item#: VPK1043
$1,462.50 /pack

Best Sellers for Discount Stores

Store opening kit for entrepreneurs entering the booming market of extreme value retailing (under $5.99). You'll find our best known items in each of our major product lines; including gifts, toys, baby care, school and office supplies, housewares, kitchenware, apparel, household chemicals, licensed items, and seasonal products. These are great buy products for discount stores.
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Item#: VPK1235-J
$508.38 /pack

Best Selling Blok Head Playset

Don't miss out on getting these top-selling Blok Head playsets. Kids will love to build them with friends. They are great for home use, daycares, playgrounds, and more. It comes in different themes like police, firefighters and space. It's ideal for discount stores, supermarkets, toy stores, daycare centers, gift shops, non-profits and more.
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Item#: VPK1480-D
$1,205.34 /pack

Best Selling Pest Control Items for Retail Stores

Give your customers everything they need to get rid of unwanted visitors such bugs and vermin.  These products are sure destroy those pesky rodents and insects that invade their home, business and even your personal space.  We have a wide range of pest-destroying products from bug spray to mouse traps.  Roaches and rats are not only annoying but also can potentially carry diseases, so help your customers keep their area clean and pest-free.  Many of these are a definite must-have for dollar and discount stores.

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$105.12 /pack


 Christmas is Coming and you know what that means- HUGE HOLIDAY PROFITS!   What better way to celebrate the happiest time of year than with our Christmas Wholesale Super Pack Deal!  Our highly experienced sales experts have carefully selected these moneymaking hot sellers that are sure to sell out quick in your store.  These Mexico Exportable Christmas wholesale items include holiday gifts, decor, ornaments, feeding accessories, novelties and so much more!  With over 150 products, this bulk package set can fill up the Christmas section of your dollar store, gift shop, retail or e-commerce store.  Don't waste time, act now, Christmas is only a few months away!  In an instant click, you can have our top selling seasonal items. These are great buy products for many businesses.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Santa's Shopping At Our Online Store:

  1. Easy shopping with gigantic profits
  2. Wide variety of seasonal wholesale items at cheap prices
  3. We carry the newest and most popular holiday items
  4. Making money is just one click away
  5. We are commited to providing our customers with excellent customer service.

We Wish You a Merry Successful Christmas, on Behalf of the Four Seasons Staff!

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Item#: VPK1016
$418.74 /pack

Cell Phone Accessories

In the age of high cellphone usage, there are so many accessories available for phones and this package deal has them. We have different cell phone accessories like earphones, USB chargers, data cables, selfie sticks, and more. These items are great for electronic stores, convenience stores, general stores, gas station and many more. People of all ages use these products, therefore, they are always on high demand.
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Item#: VPK1256-M
$226.76 /pack

Convenience Store Items

Looking for fun, affordable and easy-access items that your customers will surely love? Look no further! This value pack offers a wide variety of convenient items perfect for anyone anywhere at any time!  A complete array of products ranging from health & beauty to gift & novelty perfectly displayed in your store is within your reach.

Our sales specialists have carefully selected these day-to-day essentials that would surely be a top seller! Your customers can now have easy-access at these convenient items. As always, here at Four Seasons, we are committed to making your shopping experience Faster, Cheaper, and Most Convenient!

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Item#: VPK1203-O
$722.58 /pack

Cosmetics & Beauty Supplies

What's Hot Now at 4sgm.com?  In a blink of an eye, your customers can have the glamorous look they desire with our extensive array of beauty products found in this Cosmetics' Value Pack!  A combination of Sass, Style, and Variety along with the most popular cosmetics we carry make this package deal a bestseller!  Our sales experts (or beauty masters) have carefully crafted a solution for those of you who want the Newest and Latest in cosmetic essentials.  These customer-approved selections contain all the tools needed to put together a Winning Cosmetic Section in your store!  The bargain deal includes makeup, beauty treatments, and nail care must-haves.  From eye liners, cosmetic brushes, and nail polish to shimmering eyeshadows and lip glosses - we have just the right trendy items that everyone is looking for!  Four Seasons is committed to Making Your Shopping Experience Faster, Cheaper, and more Convenient.  We're always searching for ways to make your shopping quick and easy. 


  • Customers are sure to have the hottest look every season.
  • In an instant, transforms from ordinary to extraordinary!
  • A beauty fix that gives back to customers.
  • Offers top selling cosmetics under $1.00.
  • A smooth start to your cosmetic section, aisle, or store.
  • 4sgm.com beauty cental top picks that are selling out quick!
QOH: In Stock
Item#: VPK1034
$1,110.48 /pack

Covid-19 Essential Items

Your search for Covid-19 essential products is over! We have everything you need to keep your customers and staff safe during these uncertain times. We have face masks, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and more. No matter the size or the type of business these products are ideal for you. Shop now before we sell out.
QOH: In Stock
Item#: VPK1091
$827.72 /pack

Disney Licensed Books

This package deal includes best-selling coloring books, story books, and activity books that feature popular Disney characters in Spanish and English. Licensed Disney merchandise is a perennial top-seller in discount and dollar stores over the world. This package includes fun books featuring 101 Dalmatians, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princesses, Disney Amigos Animales ( Spanish ), Bambi, Snow White, Toy Story, Ratatouille, Beauty and the Beast, and many more beloved characters.

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Item#: VPK1084
$413.88 /pack

Dollar Store Grand Opening Items

We've created a Saving Solution that fits your busy schedule! From the basic "must haves" to new finds, that are sure to sell out. You can easily sort through our selection to find the products you need while adding the quantity the best fits your dollar store , dollar section, family dollar, 99 cent store or discount store. Take a glance inside, you’ll find a promotion package so great, you’ll be glad you took the time! Retailer, profit more now!

To remove un wanted items, change quantities to zero. When ready, register and click on "Add to Cart". To see enlarged image, simply click on each items' pictures.

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$571.12 /pack


Easter is right around the corner and 4sgm.com has crafted together the biggest selection of Easter baskets! Looking for pink, green, yellow, and purple baskets? Big or small? We have the perfect accessories so you can make the most beautiful Easter basket ever! Need ruffles? We’ve got them in various colors! What about Easter baskets in different materials? Certainly! Felt and bamboo! And also included are plastic Easter buckets with metal handles in blue and pink! You can also get a pack of 8 assorted plastic Easter eggs in green, yellow, pink, blue, and purple to decorate your Easter basket to your heart’s content! Place goodies inside of them and finish it off with home-made cookies with the help of assorted Easter cookie cutters that come in egg, bunny, and dove shapes! Get creative and add more variety by putting an adorable teddy bear with bunny ears inside!

This package deal has just about everything you need to have an Easter get-together. Place the wooden Easter plaque and banner out by the entrance, in a room, or out back for the egg hunt! Wooden Glittered Egg Stakes with the word “Welcome” in pink, blue, green, and yellow that can be placed in your garden and at the start of the egg hunt! Add more character to your egg hunt with glittery Easter Rabbit & Egg Picks in teal, pink, white, and yellow! Create a centerpiece for the guests’ tables out on the patio or even place in bushes in the maze! Any of these items work great to create that Easter feel and ambience! And if you don’t have a garden, the assorted pastel artificial grass will better suit your needs! Choose from pink, purple, green, and yellow, and set up an egg hunt anywhere, be it at home, school, or even out at a park! Get all your friends and family together, make a maze for the kids, and give out prizes!

Whether in need of a foam Easter stick to place in baskets or a 3-piece Easter Egg with a flower and butterfly design, this package deal has been put together by our team of specialists to help you save time and increase profits!

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Item#: VPK1217-R
$363.72 /pack

Electronics Accessories

Looking for wholesale batteries for small appliances, remote controls, toy trucks, and more? This package deal features the hottest selling electronics accessories for a hardware store, discount store, convenience store, and corner store. Looking for bulk DVDs and CDs to burn your favorite movies, backup your computer files, or store music in? Get wholesale media that you can complement with wholesale assorted earphones for jogging or when out and about! Get 3-to-2 grounding adapters when needing an extra outlet or safe power strips that every home needs year-round! Whether you are looking for fans, microphones or extension cords, this package deal has been compiled by our business experts to ensure you save time and money by increasing profits at the most pivotal times of the year!
QOH: In Stock
Item#: VPK1099-O
$937.24 /pack

Exclusive Deals Flyer

Looking for new Exclusive Deals? Merchandise of paramount quality that you can obtain at a bargain price? Then this promotional package is the perfect match for your business! Our exceptionally experienced sales staff exclusively created a value pack filled with our best-selling products. As our loyal customer we want to help your business thrive, with your promotional code you can now have our top-sellers at an even better price! Our package helps you save both time and money. Remember that time is a crucial factor for any business. Why not make the most of it with this quick pick? You can easily choose from our sorted selection, while modifying the quantities that best suit your business. Quantities are limited, so take advantage of this Exclusive Deal today!

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Item#: VPK1027
$2,406.95 /pack


Fourth of July is a day when every BBQ grill is cooking up something tasty and backyard tables are overflowing with paper plates, napkins, and disposable cups. We've got everything but the burgers. This package deal includes Fourth of July essentials such as grilling utensils and other items that are in especially high in demand on this day. We have also included some summer items that will definitely be enjoyable for friends and family for parties, such as water ballons, pitchers, and coolers. Be sure to take advantage of great deals on disposable cutlery, serving trays, aluminum foil, and paper towel and much more.

Boost your sales and keep your customers happy all through the rest of the summer BBQ season with this Fourth of July package deal!
QOH: In Stock
Item#: VPK1072
$1,180.52 /pack

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