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Make your store a top destination for any card-giving holiday or event with just a few clicks at 4sgm.com! Our selection of wholesale cards often includes large and attractive displays with each case. Attractive and coordinated displays will make it easy for your customers to find exactly the greeting card they need every time they shop at your dollar store. Four Seasons’ selection includes wholesale birthday cards, wedding invitations and cards, wholesale Christmas cards, and cards for all other occasions in English as well as Spanish. Greeting cards and holiday cards are always big sellers at dollar stores, discount stores, and gift shops. Get them for less from Four Seasons General Merchandise.


From $0.45 /each
CP: 72
Item#: 90931
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6pc Baby Card Holder- 8.25"- 6 Assortments

From $0.45 /each
CP: 36
Item#: 90995
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2pc Card Holder- 6"- 3 Assortments

From $0.45 /each
CP: 72
Item#: 90933
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6pc Baby Shower Card- 3.25"

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