XMAS Stationery

Here at 4sgm.com we have different stationery items that are perfect for Christmas. For example we have different bags and boxes to wrap of packs your presents, and we have various other supplies that will get your customers ready for the holidays.


$0.45 /each
QOH: In Stock
Item#: 82699X
CP: 48

80 Page Christmas Coloring Book

$0.89 /each
Temporarily Unavailable
Item#: 81708X
CP: 72

Holidazed Scissors- 8"- 4 Assortments

$0.79 /each
Temporarily Unavailable
Item#: 82702X
CP: 24

Limited Too Pink Tree Crossbody Bag

$0.39 /each
Seasonally Available
Item#: 82408X
CP: 48

Santa Claus Penny Bank - Asst, 4.8"

$0.45 /each
Seasonally Available
Item#: 80919X
CP: 120

Christmas List Pad W/ Magnet- 8" H- 6 Assortments