Jewelry Boxes

If you sell jewelry you could sell some of our low priced jewelry boxes to go along with them. We have jewelry boxes with drawers, jewelry boxes with mirrors, ceramic jewelry boxes and more. They come in different sizes and designs. We also have jewelry boxes that play music when you open them. These are guaranteed not to last on your shelves.


Picture Item Number Item Name Qty Onhand Pack Size Qty Total Pcs Unit Price Your Price Total
59539 JEWELRY BOX,4.25""SQR ROSES WDN In Stock 36 x
59538 JEWELRY BOX,5"" RECT ROSES WDN In Stock 48 x
59541 Rose and Butterfly Jewelry Box - Asst, 7.25""L In Stock 24 x
16094 JEWELRY BOX,3.5""H LOVEw1DRW WD In Stock 24 x
11178 Wooden Flower Jewelry Box with Mirror -Asst, 8.5""L In Stock 12 x
16091 Wooden Jewelry Box with Butterfly Art - Asst,6.5""L In Stock 30 x
16096 3-Drawer Jewelry Box with Rose Art - 9.75""H In Stock 4 x
40433 Jewelry Box with Zebra Print - 12"" In Stock 8 x
11384 Ceramic Floral Trinket Box - Asst, 3.25""D In Stock 24 x
25486 White Jewelry Box with Beaded Lid - Asst In Stock 72 x

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