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Offering over 10,000 unique products in fifty categories, Four Seasons General Merchandise receives hundreds of orders every day. Buy wholesale items from categories such as apparel, baby items, seasonal items, housewares, gift and novelty items, cleaning products, licensed items, and more for resell.

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Whether you sell on Amazon or eBay, the online marketplace is an essential component of your retail store, where consumers constantly search for best-selling products. As a seller, sourcing items from a reliable supplier is key to building loyal, returning customers that count on you to bring them the hottest items on the market.

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We provide first-class service to over 20,000 stores, importers, non-profit organizations, and web sellers from all over the world. Our number one priority is helping our customers reach their financial goals with great products at low wholesale prices backed by exceptional customer service.

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Our staff is always working to improve our operations so we can serve you better and faster ― whether your order consists of just a few boxes, several pallets, a full container, or you need a CSV file with UPC codes, SKUs, unit costs, product titles, and product descriptions.

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