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4sgm 2010 March

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Economy Recovery



Holiday Alert: Top-selling Easter & Religious Items Available Now!

Attention retailers: Easter comes early this year! In 2010, the widely-celebrated holiday falls on April 4th, the very first Sunday of the month.

Help your observant customers celebrate with great deals on Easter products from 4sgm.com. Best-selling Easter items include colorful Easter eggs, soft plush Easter bunnies, colorful woven egg baskets, and adorable soft chick toys!

Attention Churches!

We have also created a package deal for churches featuring some of our best-selling Christian-themed items.

At a cost of less than a dollar per piece, you can get incredible wholesale deals on popular Christian products including glass-encased prayer candles, Bible coloring books and puzzle books, lovely Christian-themed home decorations, religious key chains, and more. These products make great dollar store items as well!

As with all of 4sgm.com's Package Deals, you are free to pick and choose the items you want.




How the New Credit Card Laws Affect Your Business & Customers

You may have heard about the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act passed by the Obama administration effective February 22, 2010. While these new laws do NOT apply to small business credit cards, only to consumer cards, they do affect how often and how much your customers are willing to spend. Some new laws encourage spending, while others encourage more frugality and financial responsibility.

Some new laws to keep in mind as a retailer:

Credit card companies are not allowed hike up interest rates as long as consumers pay their bills on time. Customers will also have at least 45 days notice of any interest rate increases or additional fees, and have at least 21 days to pay their monthly bills, up from 14 days previously.

However, think twice before using your personal credit card for business purposes! If you run into business trouble, your personal credit could be affected, unlike with a business credit line. Don’t let a bad business decision interfere with your ability to mortgage a home or take out a personal loan in the future.

Also, credit card users must specifically agree to allow transactions that exceed their credit limits. No longer will a customer be able to exceed their credit line without being alerted that they are going over their limit.

The good news is, the lack of new rules for business credit cards will make it more profitable for companies to issue new cards to businesses. On one hand, you don’t have the same protection as consumers do, but on the upside, it will be easier to obtain more credit when you really need it.

Also, part of the new law requires the Federal Reserve to conduct a study of potential issues when it comes to small business credit card use. If you’re having issues and would like your experience to be considered for the new laws, contact the Small Business Information Security Task Force Answer Desk at 1-800-U-ASK-SBA (1-800-827-5722) or send e-mails to answerdesk@sba.gov.


4sgm.com INSIDER


Get New CD Catalog for FREE!

4sgm.com's new CD catalog is out now!

The Spring 2010 edition of 4sgm.com's CD catalog includes over 5,000 of the best-selling items from our current inventory. The CD also includes a full-color virtual tour of Four Seasons General Merchandise's top-of-the-line showroom and shipping warehouse facilities in Los Angeles, CA.

Use the CD catalog to print out your order form for faxing or mailing, or submit it via email! You may also use the CD catalog as an reference tool for our inventory when internet access is not available.

You can pick up a CD while visiting our showroom, or apply to get one in the mail for free here. (click link)



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