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4sgm 2009 Newsletter

4sgm.com NEWS

Economy Recovery




Good news for dollar store retailers: the economy appears to be in the early stages of a recovery.

According to a Commerce Department report, overall retail sales rose up by 2.7 percent in August, the biggest month-over-month increase since January 2006. According to other government as well as independent reports released this month, consumer as well as investor confidence is on the rise, and the economy appears to be turning around slowly but surely.

As far as the major players are concerned, feel free to take cues from retail giants Best Buy, Apple, and Starbucks, all of whom are either opening new stores or keeping ones previously planned to close. That’s a major trend shift from the industry-wide branch closings and liquidations that were so commonplace just 6 months ago.

Whether you run a dollar store, 99 cent store, or sell wholesale merchandise online, do your part in the economic recovery by encouraging your customers to spend more and shop more often. Keep your store’s prices low and your level of service high to get consumers out of their homes and onto the selling floor!

For great tips and practical advice on operating a small business, check out this informative website:


4sgm.com INSIDER



Do you have your Halloween costume picked out for this year? If not, don’t worry, your customers probably don’t either. With over a month left until the biggest party night of the season, it’s not too late to save big on Halloween wholesale items from your top dollar store supplier, 4sgm.com!

Check out great deals on kids' costumes, Halloween decorations, and other spooky accessories in our Seasonal category. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out our amazing variety of Christmas decorations, gifts, and supplies! These high-demand items are perfect for your dollar store, discount store, 99 cent store, family dollar, gift shop, or party supply store. Don't delay, these items won't last long at these prices!





Shipping. One little word has the power to bring an otherwise profitable business transaction to a grinding halt. But fear not! We at Four Seasons General Merchandise are here to de-mystify the bulk shipping process, and offer some helpful hints for getting the lowest shipping rate for your wholesale supplier order.

As always, once you submit your order at 4sgm.com, our shipping department goes to work to negotiate the lowest possible shipping rate for your specific package. Please keep the following tips in mind to help us help you:

  1. Buy more, pay a smaller percentage in shipping. As a very general rule, the more you buy, the lower your freight costs will be. Because of how trucking companies operate, it’s less expensive to ship a 1000 lb pallet by truck than to mail a few heavy boxes via UPS.
  2. The cheapest way to ship is via the LTL (Less than Truck Load) method. The minimum for an LTL order is 250 lbs and 15 cubic feet. Anything below this number will need to be shipped via UPS or USPS, which is significantly more expensive since they do not offer bulk wholesale discounts like trucking companies. 4sgm.com’s handy online freight estimator will keep track of your orders weight and volume as you add items to your cart.
  3. Buy in full pallet quantities. A pallet holds up to 1000 lbs and 80 cubic feet .Sometimes the difference between shipping a half pallet and a full pallet is as low as $10! Again, the 4sgm.com online freight estimator will help you see how your order measures up.
  4. Balance out your pallets with different types of items. For example, if you are ordering a lot of household liquids, your order will be very heavy, but very small.To fill up a pallet and save on shipping costs, try supplementing your order with large but light items, such as tissues or big plastic toys.
  5. If fragile items are a concern, make sure to ship via pallet using LTL. Pallet orders are expertly packed and shrink-wrapped by our staff here at Four Seasons. In contrast, shipping individual boxes via UPS or USPS is riskier due to possible damage during UPS handling and transport.
  6. Include your cell phone number. The more ways we have to reach you, the quicker your order will be confirmed and shipped. We will not ship anything until we get a personal confirmation from you by phone or via email.
  7. Southern California customers! If you order over $1,000 of merchandise, your order may be eligible for free shipping. We also have fixed pallet rates for customers in Florida, Arizona, and Nevada. Ask your sales representative for more details.
  8. International customers!  4sgm.com now offers a new option for your high-priority packages : UPS Expedite. It takes an average of 4 – 6 business days and is already saving our international customers between 30-50% on high-priority orders. To explore this option, please select “Other Service or International” from the Shipping Method menu and write “UPS Expedite” in the Comments box.

Four Seasons is always adding new services and features to keep your shipping costs low and your wholesale item profits high. Please send us your feedback and let us know how we can serve you better each day.




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