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4sgm NEWS
4sgm 2009 Newsletter
Wholesale Your #1 Choice Supplier for Dollar Stores | 4sgm.com - Happy Easter!
Issue #17 April 2009
Newsletter Contents
4sgm.com INSIDER
Industry News
Best of Four Seasons
Hannah Montana, Licensed Disney, Hannah Montana Merchandise, Miley Cyrus, Miley Merchandise 

Hannah Montana: The Movie opens in theaters this week. Be prepared! 4sgm.com offers savvy retailers over 70 official Hannah Montana licensed products including stationery, posters, puzzles, photo albums, hair accessories, backpacks, keepsake boxes and more. Click here to see all Hannah Montana items >>

Wholesale Toys, Dollar Store Toys, Summer Games, Outdoor Toys 

Kids everywhere are already excited and talking about their plans for this summer. Surprise them with these outdoor toys, water guns, frisbees, soccer balls, hoops and more! All starting at just $0.49 cents. More>>

Cleaning Products, New Arrivals, Spring Cleaning Season, Housewares 

Spring Cleaning Season has arrived! These new arrivals in Housewares are sure to please your customers. Find everything you need to organize, clean and start summer with a spotless new home! More>>

4sgm.com LINGO

I am opening a new store and I want help selecting items for my new business. Do you have packages or suggestions for Store Grand Openings?

Yes. In fact, Four Seasons created a section called "Package Deals" where you can find over 35 Packages for different types of businesses such as "Dollar Stores", "Gifts Sets for All Ages" , "Hardware Stores", "Special for Pharmacies", "Party Supplies' and more.

To start ordering these amazing deals, simply click on the "Package Deals" link located on your left hand side. In a single page you will be able to see up to 40 of the best sellers of each category and to change all quantities as desired.
Pick and choose the items you want to add to your cart with just one click. To remove any undesired item, simply change the quantity of that item to zero.

Four Seasons is always adding more Package Deals to facilitate your Order Processing and to help you select the best Product Mix for your store. Check out the new "Hannah Montana and High School Musical Value Pack" and surprise the Hannah Montana fans in your area!


4sgm.com INSIDER



If you want to offer your customers a specific mix of 4SGM products while promoting only your own business, you now can download a photo catalog without any Four Seasons logos or prices.

This is a perfect tool for drop-ship retailers, as well as other resellers. A downloadable customizer program allows you to upload to your own computer a catalog of 4SGM items and photos without any Four Seasons logos or wholesale prices. You may also choose to download a version with 20% mark up prices. Take advantage of this new feature now and send it to your customers by email or regular mail to promote your business.
This new exciting feature is available only to a limited number of customers. Some restrictions do apply such as annual purchase minimums and order history. Please click here now to fill out the application and get more details!




Both the Wall Street Journal and the Economist agree: dollar and discount stores are more popular than ever in the new economy. However, in a sea of dollar stores, differentiating your store from the competition can be a challenge. The key to success can be as simple as selecting your merchandise to appeal to a trendier and younger demographic, as evidenced by East coast-based chain Five Below, which tailors its selection specifically for tween (age 9-13) and teenage consumers.

Unlike some dollar stores that focus on household items for moms on a budget, Five Below fills its shelves with licensed and trendy items that are attractive to young consumers looking for fun on the cheap. After opening in Pennsylvania in 2002, the chain currently has over 80 stores in the Northeast US.

Servicing the under-18 demographic can be enormously profitable. In 2007, persons under 18 represented 24.5% of the total US population [U.S. Census Bureau]. Whether from allowances or part-time jobs, kids have their own money and they are always looking to spend it. If your store is located near a school, a mall, or a dense residential area, merchandising licensed and youth-oriented products can be a boon to your business. Make your store a destination for kids after school who may only have a few dollars to spend on something that excites them.

A great way to get a tween's attention is licensed items. Five Below stocks up on popular items featuring Spongebob, Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, Hello Kitty, Disney, and others. Tweens (and tweens at heart) are also more likely to purchase arts and crafts items, sports games, novelty gifts, and inexpensive make up and lipstick. Kids and their parents are also likely to pick up bath and body items as well as room decorations,school supplies and books. Make your store a destination for tweens and reap the benefits!





The March 2009 ASD/AMD show in Las Vegas is now behind us. Despite the economic downturn, both spirits and orders were high as Four Seasons made a strong showing with a massive floor presence that occupied forty display booths. It was a pleasure to meet face-to-face with both our domestic and international customers.

The state of the economy was on everyone's minds, but nevertheless retailers were ready to buy. The licensed category is continuing to be in high demand for 4SGM, and most retailers that met with our sales team were already familiar with 4SGM's wide selection of licensed items. Our international customers were especially interested in the options offered by 4sgm.com, as ordering online greatly cuts down on travel costs and order time.

If you were not able to come to ASD/AMD, don't worry! Apply now to receive a free CD catalog of our entire inventory, with special prices, photos and specifications. The CD catalog is free but quantities are limited, so click here and get yours today!


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