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4sgm NEWS
Newsletter Issue #31 September015
Improve Your Sales with these Tips & Tricks!
  4sgm.com   Issue #31 September 2015,

4sgm.com News

 4sgm.com News

Shop for the hottest Minions, Frozen, and Avengers products this year online!

With items added daily to our 10,000-product inventory, an array of items such as water bottles, sandwich boxes, plastic tumblers, jigsaw puzzles, and more are at your disposal.

Take advantage of all the big-budget movie hype to increase your bottom line. With the rise in popularity, these seasonal hits keep their advertisements up longer than usual, giving you the perks of free marketing.

Focusing on big-name, licensed items help boost sales, especially with a huge run like the ones this year from Disney Pixar, Universal and Marvel.

4sgm.com also has a brand new fleet of trucks equipped to withstand the rigors of freight and delivery. Fully upgraded to meet the highest standards, our new trucks can easily be spotted because of their stylish, vibrant green, red, blue, and yellow design!

Retail Sales Tips & Tricks

  Small Business Tips & Trick

Whether you’re running a small or mid-size business, your success depends largely on your business strategy and marketing. However, there are a few steps you can take to make day-to-day tasks easier that, at the same time, will make your life as a business owner more manageable.

Here are some tips and tricks from business leaders in the company:

  • Ask open-ended questions. Asking questions that cannot be answered by a simple “yes” or “no” allows your customers to start talking. Once you get a conversation going they can introduce information such as how they will use a product or what their budget is. Customers may indirectly tell you about products they didn’t plan on buying, as well. For example, your customer may be interested in women’s apparel. Try asking the following questions. What’s the occasion? What clothes do you currently own? Do you prefer certain colors? What laundry detergent do you use?
  • Whenever you’re giving discounts, make sure your customers are aware of it. List the original price and show what percent you’ve knocked off from it to show you’re going the extra mile. This sends the message to your customer that she or he is getting a good deal.
  • Keep your customer base happy. This means building rapport and handling difficulties and issues sensibly. For example, be careful not to overcharge customers and notify them of any price changes before they submit an order. In fact, ensure your customer understands the ordering process. Bring up any potential problems, such as low stock or limited product variety before they finalize their order. If your customer feels ordering from you is a quick and transparent process, she or he is likely to order again.

Retail News

  Retail News (Industry News)

For owners of dollar stores or convenience stores, limited space is always a concern. Customers that walk in will either feel underwhelmed or overwhelmed by your stock. So, get creative with how merchandise is organized.

  1. Have a floor plan. Being able to visualize what goes where is important and you don’t want to arrange a shelf only to see that it doesn’t work. It can be frustrating and a waste of time. Sit down and draw a plan detailing where racks, shelves and tables go.
  2. Group store sections intelligently. While it may seem obvious, it’s good to take a look at your store’s “natural path.” If things are out of order and there is no coherency, you’ll frustrate your customer and lose her or him. If you have a popular baking section, put it up front and have it segue into a cookware. Then have that section move into cookbooks. Those are the type of coherency and transitions that appeal to customers. Construct a natural movement and flow and don’t have dead zones, where items are practically hidden.
  3. Showcase unique merchandise to the center of attention. If you have a unique item, customers can be confused as to what it is or how to use it. Set up display tables with informational brochures, charts or signage. Pair them with everyday items so customers can get a better understanding of it. Careful not to fill your shop with too many unique items, because this can come off as too showy or overstocked with too many novelty items.
  4. Keep things interesting. Have a steady rotation of merchandise, display and banners every week or two. Not only does moving products around give the store the illusion that it has new products, it helps move the items that were stuck in the back come to the front. Having different signage helps your regulars come back as they’re attracted to any type of change out of curiosity. A store that changes its window displays is more likely to attract customers.
  5. Enhance items by adding descriptions to them. Sometimes customers need a short tip on what or how to use a product. A short explanation can stir up ways they can use products in ways they would’ve never thought of.

Put these simple tips to use and improve customer flow and satisfaction, sales, and a positive business environment.

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