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Four Seasons General Merchandise's Legacy
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In 1984, friends Bruce Gabbai and John Pourmoradi, through their combined resources and talents, created a new business. At that time, Bruce had his expanding import business, while John had his own thriving retail discount store.

Gabbai and Pourmoradi envisioned to fill a niche in the general merchandise wholesale/distribution market aimed at just about everyone who sells something, from dollar stores, 99-cent stores, discount stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, drug stores, distributors, dollar item suppliers, wholesale dollar stores, international importers to gift shops, and even charities. Thus, Four Seasons General Merchandise was born.

Our Mission
Four Seasons General Merchandise is dedicated to:

1. Offer high quality merchandise at the lowest price possible.
2. Stock an endless variety of merchandise in a myriad of categories.
3. Provide unmatchable customer service and flexibility in serving our customers’ needs.


Four Seasons General Merchandise is a leader in import, wholesale, distribution and export within the general merchandise industry, online and offline.

Our showroom and warehouse have been expanding throughout the years, the former currently at 25,000 sq. ft. in Vernon, holds over 10,000 hand-picked items in more than 50 different categories. In 2005, 4sgm.com started housing its entire inventory in a cutting edge warehouse measuring 400,000 sq. ft. This large storage space and purchasing power acquired through numerous years of experience enable us to effectively work with a variety of high-quality (per price point) merchandise to fulfill your specific wholesale needs.

As the success of 4sgm.com increases each year, it attracts not only more North American customers, but international ones from every corner of the world. Since its popularity and our customers’ huge positive response, there was a need to expand the website.

Our site features powerful search tools, access to order status and history, wish lists, price change notifications, and print versions of our weekly catalogs.

Four Seasons General Merchandise is tremendously proud of its staff of over 200 dedicated, multilingual employees who are prepared to provide exceptional customer service on a local, national, and international market level. Our experienced salespeople are ready to offer professional advice on how to choose items and help you focus on your target audience, whether you are specializing in subcategories such as kitchenware, containers, household chemicals, school and office supplies, party goods, licensed toys, personal care, and holiday items. With business know-how, 4sgm.com representatives offer indispensable shipping knowledge, assist in adding and combining multiple orders, and advise you on getting the most bang for your buck on shipments. With a dedicated credit line request, you can also get a response within 5 business days and submit a payment at your convenience within 30 days. Four Seasons General Merchandise has been serving more than 24,000 businesses, such as a dollar stores, discount stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, gift shops, pharmacies, toy stores, supermarkets, importers/wholesalers, nonprofit organizations, and chain and department stores for over 30 years.

Visit 4sgm.com frequently to see all the new benefits Four Seasons General Merchandise has in store for you.

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