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Restaurant Supplies
Restaurant Supplies
Save time and money on everyday food restaurant items instead of overspending at a supply store. From salt and pepper shakers and wholesale pitchers to cleaning supplies and plates, Four Seasons General Merchandise's restaurant package deal ensures you have every item necessary to keep your business - including dollar store, discount store or convenience store - running smoothly.

Package deals are huge time savers. We've already done all the shopping for you!

Be prepared for any situation by having all your wholesale serve-ware basics on-hand and in sufficient quantities. This deal includes classic and modern styled glasses and mugs, ceramic plates and bowls, salt and pepper shakers, silverware, cleaning supplies, condiment containers, and everything else that you need to serve your dollar store customers every day.

Feel free to pick and choose items that best suit the unique needs of your food restaurant. A fully customizable Restaurant Package Deal!

This package deal is also great for dollar stores, convenience stores, and discount stores looking to stock up on dinnerware, utensils, and household chemicals.

When ordering, simply change the quantity of any unwanted items to "0" and continue shopping.
Change the quantity to 0 for unexpected items!
Soft Touch Paper Napkin 180ct - 1-ply
Item#: 51175
Origin: USA
$ 1.09  
$ 0.95 each
CP: 18
Item#: 17156
Origin: CHN
$ 0.89 each

Out of stock
Clear Plastic Fork 48-pack - 6.25"L
Item#: 91708
Origin: CHN
$ 0.89 each
CP: 36
Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil - 35.5 sq. ft.
Item#: 97052
Origin: CHN
$ 0.89  
$ 0.75 each
CP: 48
Wooden Garden Broom Floor Display - 12"L
Item#: 74945
Origin: CHN
$ 4.25  
$ 3.25 each
CP: 40
Kordite Plastic Party Cup 18-pack - 16oz
Item#: 52707
Origin: MEX
$ 1.05 each
CP: 24
Pine Sol Green Corn Broom - 52.5"H
Item#: 15361
Origin: CHN
$ 5.30 each
CP: 6
UFO Multi-Purpose Scrubber 10-pack
Item#: 50835
Origin: CHN
$ 0.77  
$ 0.65 each
CP: 60
Salt and Pepper Shaker with Silver Lid Set
Item#: 34136
Origin: CHN
$ 0.73 each
CP: 48
Best Brands Stainless Steel Ashtray - 3.9"D
Item#: 23222
Origin: CHN
$ 0.63 each
CP: 24
Easy-Off Fume-Free Oven Cleaner - Lemon, 14.5oz
Item#: 19377
Origin: USA
$ 4.00 each
CP: 12
LA Totally Awesome Cleaner all purpose Spray 32oz
Item#: 10695
Origin: USA
$ 0.85 each
CP: 12
Air Wick Air Freshener - Papaya & Hibiscus, 8oz
Item#: 65196
Origin: USA
$ 1.09  
$ 0.95 each
CP: 12
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