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This package deal features some of the best-selling wholesale kitchen products and wholesale cleaning products that 4sgm.com has to offer. It also includes several laundry products and essentials. Take a look at this selection of food storage containers, Palmolive detergent, air fresheners, sponges, Awesome glass cleaner, sink accessories, and more. These are perfect products for any dollar store, discount store, 99 cent store, or convenience store.

As with all of 4sgm.com’s Package Deals, you are free to pick and choose the items you want.

To remove an unwanted item, simply enter “0” [zero] in the quantity field and continue shopping. When you are finished entering your desired quantities for each item, simply click “Add to Cart”.

Change the quantity to 0 for unexpected items!
Wizard 8-ounce Lavender & Chamomile Air Freshener
Item#: 10936
Origin: USA
$ 1.09  
$ 0.95 each
CP: 12
Tide Laundry Detergent - 17.92oz.
Item#: 32347
Origin: CHN
$ 1.30 each
CP: 12
Item#: 12454
Origin: USA
$ 1.35  
$ 1.10 each
CP: 12
Downy Blue Liquid Fabric Softener - Flower Scent
Item#: 54989
Origin: MEX
$ 0.95  
$ 0.79 each
CP: 12
Palmolive Dish Detergent - 12.6oz
Item#: 14444
Origin: USA
$ 1.30  
$ 1.00 each
CP: 20
Item#: 53791
Origin: USA
$ 0.99 each
CP: 12
Sure-Tuff Wastebasket Bag 16-pack - 8gal
Item#: 69752
Origin: CHN
$ 0.77  
$ 0.65 each
CP: 24
Air Wick Fresh Water Scented Air Freshener - 8oz
Item#: 60689
Origin: USA
$ 1.09  
$ 0.95 each
CP: 12
Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil - 25sq ft
Item#: 97051
Origin: CHN
$ 0.73  
$ 0.59 each
CP: 48
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