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Want to Save Time and Money? Then this is the right package set for you! Because we know how much you value your precious time, we've taken the time to create a Time Saving Solution that fits your busy schedule. Our highly experienced sales staff have specifically made a Licensed Value Pack filled with our Bestselling Stationery Products. From characters Spongebob and Dora, to timeless Disney classics- this fast pack has it all! (Character pens and pencils that kids will love taking to school, as well as crayons and notebooks they can have at home.)  This handy set ensures that Customers' Favorite Characters are always in stock. You can easily sort through our selection to find the products you need while adding the quantity you want -so take advantage of a value deal so great, you don't want to miss!

 Benefits of This Value Pack

  • All items are under a $1.00.

  • 4sgm bestsellers

  • The perfect way to start-up or stock up on your Back to School aisles.

  • Favorite characters that both kids and adults love.

  • Offers customers variety, quality, and affordable pricing.

  • Features Disney Princess, Pooh, Strawberry Shortcake, Lion King, The Incredibles, Dora, Fantastic Four, Tinkerbell, Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, Spongebob, Mickey, and more.

  • Majority of the items include counter displays.
Change the quantity to 0 for unexpected items!
Disney Frozen Wood Puzzle 7-pack
Item#: 26433
Origin: CHN
$ 6.85 each
CP: 6
Pine-Sol Dustpan and Brush - 14"
Item#: 26413
Origin: CHN
$ 3.00 each
CP: 6
4 Astd. 24pc Dora the Explorer Puzzle
Item#: 46233
Origin: CHN
$ 0.99 each
CP: 36
Marvel 96pg Spider-Man Coloring Book - 2 Astd.
Item#: 50362
Origin: USA
$ 0.85 each
CP: 72
DC Comics Batman Coloring Book - 96pgs, 2 Astd.
Item#: 52097
Origin: USA
$ 0.85 each
CP: 72
My Little Pony Coloring and Activity Book - Asst
Item#: 51309
Origin: USA
$ 0.85  
$ 0.69 each
CP: 72
Disney Minnie Mouse Sit and Create Activity Desk
Item#: 99865
Origin: CHN
$ 9.35 each
CP: 12
Dreamworks Trolls 24-piece Activity Fun Tin Case
Item#: 12385
Origin: CHN
$ 9.35 each
CP: 6
Finding Dory 11-piece Stationery Set
Item#: 56432
Origin: CHN
$ 4.25  
$ 3.25 each
CP: 12
Nickelodeon Shimmer and Shine 11pc Stationery Set
Item#: 23122
Origin: CHN
$ 4.25 each
CP: 12
Nickelodeon Shimmer and Shine Board Book - Asst
Item#: 16672
Origin: CHN
$ 0.73 each
CP: 48
Disney Pixar Finding Dory Undersea Activity Set
Item#: 12389
Origin: CHN
$ 11.05 each
CP: 6
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