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Baby Gift Sets
Baby Gift Sets

Looking for the best selling baby items? Then Look No Further! We’ve created a package deal containing all the basics fundamentals & the must have chic accessories for toddlers! Our value pack offers your store the perfect combination of baby items! Ideal gifts sets for Gift shops & Stores that fully cater to a babies needs.

With just a click and moments of your time, you can provide your customers with the adorable baby items they have been searching for! Our sales specialists have carefully crafted the perfect combination for those who demand the latest in infant & toddler essentials at only a fraction price!

Now your customers can obtain our gorgeous top selling items, directly from you! 

Don't hesitate, stock up your baby sections with these Must-Have items today.

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Little Mimos 2-Tone 4pc Baby Grooming Set - Asst
Item#: 24461
Origin: CHN
$ 0.89 each
IP: 24
Little Mimos Baby Washcloth 5-piece Set - Asst
Item#: 30449
Origin: CHN
$ 5.30  
$ 4.00 each
CP: 48
Little Mimos Hat and Booties Set - Assorted
Item#: 30454
Origin: CHN
$ 3.45 each
CP: 24
Bunchkin 4-piece Baby Gift Set - Asst
Item#: 92445
Origin: CHN
$ 8.00  
$ 6.25 each
CP: 24
Little Mimos 3-piece Baby Manicure Set
Item#: 66101
Origin: CHN
$ 0.99 each
CP: 36
Little Mimos Honeycomb Baby Blanket - Assorted,30"
Item#: 99717
Origin: CHN
$ 3.20 each
CP: 36
Bunchkin 4-piece Baby Set
Item#: 21592
Origin: CHN
$ 6.60  
$ 5.00 each
CP: 24
Baby Bottle w/ Powder Case - 4 Astd. Colors
Item#: 90790
Origin: CHN
$ 1.65 each
CP: 36
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