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Spa & Beauty Essentials
Spa & Beauty Essentials
Have a cosmetics, personal care or hygiene section that needs restocking? This package deal includes popular items for your dollar store, discount store, convenience store, and even pharmacy! Get exfoliating bath gloves in assorted colors and various types of bath gloves, such as mitten-style or gloves with individual fingers. Customers are always looking to avoid harsh chemicals that can harm their skin, which is why we've included facial wipes for sensitive skin.

Whether you are looking for a plain white bath towel, anti-puff eye masks or bath sponge sets, this package deal has been put together by our team of industry experts to help you increase profits and not waste time going through thousands of products!
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Foam Hair Roller 6-pack - Assorted
Item#: 36677
Origin: CHN
$ 0.99 each
CP: 36
Terrycloth Scrubber with Handle - 26.25"L
Item#: 40123
Origin: CHN
$ 0.95 each
CP: 36
Nylon Green Scrubber - Striped Green, 35.5"L
Item#: 40124
Origin: CHN
$ 0.67 each
CP: 48
Liquid Dispenser with Silver Pump - 650ml
Item#: 21264
Origin: CHN
$ 2.60 each
CP: 24
Hotel Ladies
Item#: 64208
Origin: CHN
$ 22.15 each
CP: 6
Nylon Fish-Shaped Bath Sponge - Assorted
Item#: 81473
Origin: CHN
$ 0.77 each
CP: 144
Handy Travel Bottle 7-piece Set
Item#: 36113
Origin: CHN
$ 2.00 each
CP: 48
Bath 14-piece Set - Asst
Item#: 21709
Origin: CHN
$ 6.85  
$ 5.25 each
CP: 12
Toilet Brush with Cone-Shaped Holder - Asst, 19.5"
Item#: 78565
Origin: CHN
$ 1.40 each
CP: 36
Plunger with Clear Handle - Asst, 21"H
Item#: 96143
Origin: TWN
$ 2.15 each
CP: 48
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