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Check out all of our hottest everyday items, in demand all year-round, which are perfect for dollar stores and discount stores! Get that glamorous look you’ve been wanting with Le Fleur’s extra hold and shine styling gel used by professionals! Add some depth and dimension to your eyes with Starry’s 5-color eye shadow palette and Princessa U.S.A.’s brown eye liner with sharpener to spruce up your style! Ensure your skin is left revitalized, smooth, and refreshed with Intimate Natural’s Green Tea and Cucumber scented lotion! Always pack an extra toothbrush in case there is an unexpected get-together to attend or simply have a 3-pack multicolor toothbrush back-up for yourself or the family! Have kids? Also available is Baby Looney Tunes kid’s toothbrush pair to encourage the little ones to brush daily! For those busy moms, remember to unwind and pamper yourself with assorted blue brushes, Take It Off nail polish remover, and the stainless steel silver tweezer set, at day’s end!

Also included in this package are everyday solutions like Panrosa’s Almond & Honey Hand Soap or a more subtle Apple Hand Soap, medicated body powder, Lave liquid laundry detergent, assorted colored Chap-Ex lip balms in a jar, Binaca floss picks, extra thick shave cream, and BiC disposable shaver pack for sensitive skin! Ensure you have enough cotton balls when needing to clean any type of surface or remove nail polish or apply rubbing alcohol, which is also included in this package deal! For the kids in the family, don’t forget to put a band-aid on their cut of assorted kid’s characters, such as cute illustrations of brown cows, pink hippos, girls with sunglasses, and more! Just be sure to use delicate, 100% cotton Little Mimos baby swabs, if needing to apply any medicine or clean baby’s toes, belly button, or ears!

Whether in need of Lever 2000 original scented bar soap, Avon OnDuty original or unscented deodorants, RH hydrating shampoo, or Fluoride Colgate toothpaste and brush set, this package has been specially made to suit your everyday needs!

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Barber Scissors with Comb Set
Item#: 96098
Origin: CHN
$ 0.89 each
IP: 24
Beauty Design Blue Hair Brush Display - Asst, 9"L
Item#: 94046
Origin: CHN
$ 0.89 each
CP: 72
All Pure Cotton Plastic Swab 350ct
Item#: 17291
Origin: CHN
$ 0.63 each
CP: 36
Magnifying Mirror with Suction Cup Display - Asst
Item#: 96706
Origin: CHN
$ 0.77 each
IP: 24
Astd. Starry Honey Lip Gloss in Hanging Display
Item#: 32241
Origin: TWN
$ 0.63 each
IP: 36
Support Band in Floor Display - Assorted
Item#: 92681
Origin: CHN
$ 0.77  
$ 0.65 each
CP: 144
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