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Take a look at 4sgm.com's value-packed selection of inexpensive wholesale clocks perfect for any dollar store or discount store. Domestic staples such as plastic wall clocks, clock radios, and bedside table quartz clocks are needed in kitchens and dining rooms all over the world. Plastic clocks are now on sale at 4sgm.com at wholesale prices with flexible shipping options.
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See Detail >>>  
Item Number:24257
Case Pack: 2
Country of Origin:CHN
From $14.50 each
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Love Clock - Asst, 11.5"L

Love Clock is ideal for a themed bedroom or living room. See Detail >>>  
Item Number:11169
Case Pack: 12
Country of Origin:CHN
From $3.60 each
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Casio Analog and Digital Watch Display - Asst

Casio Analog and Digital Watch Display features watches in stylish designs. See Detail >>>  
Item Number:90920
Case Pack: 50
Country of Origin:CHN
$ 18.75  
$ 15.00 each
Enlarge Image
Casio Analog Watch Display - Assorted

Casio Analog Watch Display features assorted designs that complement casual apparel. See Detail >>>  
Item Number:90919
Case Pack: 50
Country of Origin:CHN
From $9.50 each
Enlarge Image
Geneva Silicon Watch - Assorted

Geneva Silicon Watch comes with assorted square and round faces. See Detail >>>  
Item Number:69220
Case Pack: 25
Country of Origin:CHN
$ 2.85  
$ 2.25 each
Enlarge Image
Christmas Women's Watch - Assorted

Christmas Women's Watch features stylish, themed designs. See Detail >>>  
Item Number:80133X
Case Pack: 100
Country of Origin:CHN
$ 5.30  
$ 4.00 each
Enlarge Image
HD Quartz Clock with Large Numbers - Asst, 13"D

HD Quartz Clock with Large Numbers features a solid colored border See Detail >>>  
Item Number:17622
Case Pack: 24
Country of Origin:CHN
From $5.05 each
 Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items.       
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Botanica Citronella Candle in Floor Display - Astd
Item # : 65810
CP : 152
Origin : CHN
$ 0.89  
$ 0.75 each
Wooden Basket with Seashells - 6"D
Item # : 91908
CP : 50
Origin : PHL
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Centoram Scented Candle in Jar - Asst, 2.5"H
Item # : 97149
IP : 12
Origin : IND
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15ct Wax Scented Tealight Candle Set - 6 Astd.
Item # : 98669
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